All formats, scripts, characters, and story lines are the Copyright of Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. 

Licence to perform 'Steptoe & Son' and 'Hancock'

Costs per performance:

Steptoe and Son and Hancock's Half Hour.

1 Episode - £36

2 Episodes - £72

3 Episodes - £96

This is the standard price for venues up to 150 seats.

For excerpts from Hancock scripts please also speak to David at the office.

'Murder at Oil Drum Lane' - a two act production ending the Steptoe and Son story and written by Ray Galton and John Antrobus is available at £96 per performance on the same agreement as below.


We are now representing 'An Arm And A Leg' also written by Ray and John

and this is the same rights agreement as 'Murder at Oil Drum Lane'

For larger venues please contact the office for negoatiation.

Please email, write or phone with venue address and size, plus performance dates and times. Once agreed we will issue you with a Licence Agreement and invoice.

On agreement by both parties we will email you the appropriate Master Copy Scripts which you may copy for your production and are included in the rights price.

Payment for the agreement must be a minimum of one week before the first performance.

We keep our requirements to the minimum but do require that the authors names, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, and our contact web site are included on all publicity.

We do understand that you may wish to film your show for posterity and we are happy for a video of your production to be made for your cast and production team, but under no circumstances must videos or DVD's be produced of your show on a commercial basis. We also ask for two complimentory tickets be made available to us if required, as Classic Comedy Scripts are interested to see how different theatre groups stage these productions.

The license for performance will have our bank details on, and we prefer direct paymeny. Cheques are accepted and are made out to Tessa Le Bars Management please, and sent to the address on the license and invoice.

We look forward to working with you!

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