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We represent the rights for the works of Ray Galton and Alan Simpson for stage productions. For any amateur productions there is a straightforward fee structure (see under the licence to perform heading) and for professional productions, tours or large venues please contact the office with details which will be put to Tessa Le Bars in the first instance, as different rates and rights will apply.

The scripts of Ray and Alan include:

'Steptoe and Son'

'Hancock' and 'Hanock's Half Hour'

Galton and Simpson's Playhouses.

The most popular Galton and Simpson scripts have been specifically adapted for the stage by Ray Galton, Alan Simpson, and David Pibworth.

The episodes range between just the 2 main actors in Steptoe and Son and the one main character in Hancock, up to fairly large casts. Some of the two hander and one hander episodes could be performed in small venues.

We are here to help you, and if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact David Pibworth in the first instance on 01234 241357 or by email at:


All mail to David Pibworth c/o Classic Comedy Scripts, The Workshop, Clickers Yard, Olney, Bucks.

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